WAHMs are for life, not just for Christmas

As the dust settles on another Christmas, my thoughts have turned to handmade businesses and more specifically the small, work-at-home-mum (WAHM) run businesses. Having previously been one myself and still happily feeling a part of this crazy rainbow obsessed lovely community I find I often think of these wonderful and talented people and how, fantastic as it is to be able to run a business from home whilst being with your children, it is also rife with difficulties and complications.

Why support WAHMs year round

A quick read of my Caboodle Kids review shows what I feel are the huge benefits to buyer handmade/WAHM clothes and most of that is true of other types of small businesses too but I want to have a look at why its so important to support WAHMs every month of the year rather than just over the festive period. Firstly to have your annual income relatively evenly spaced over an entire year does make life easier (running the business, budget planning, supporting your family and the various expensive that goes with that) and to have a high percentage alchristmas-jumpersl come in the space of a month or two must be difficult to manage. I know what I would be like…December “ooooo extra money for more cake, buy all the cake”….. June *searches house for cake crumbs*! Going hand-in-hand with that is balance of workload. Of course, the last couple of months of the year will always be busiest as so many customers are all buying for the same deadline, but I bet a little bit more of an even spread would be so helpful to many WAHMs. There are plus points for the customer too. I’m all for supporting WAHMs but as a customer I want some benefits for me as well, I’m not that selfless! Buying year-round you will mean you have the opportunity to buy season specific items and designs; a Valentines Day outfit with a difference, or birthday brownies in your favourite flavour (stop mentioning cake Amy!). Unlike most high street stores who only stock items relevant to the current or upcoming season, smaller handmade businesses often stock all seasonal options all year. Have you ever tried to buy shorts for a holiday in December on the high street, its virtually impossible. And don’t get me started about the argument I once had with someone in a very well known high street store about garden furniture I wanted to buy in June and was told it was “no longer the summer season in store”. Never fear, WAHMs to the rescue again.

My Christmas WAHMs

Christmas 2016 in the Coffee Rings and Making Things household featured a small but perfectly formed selection of WAHMs:

todyefor-socksWinter hoodie from Caboodle Kids
Christmas stocking undies from Sew Over The Rainbow (formerly Mummy Made)
Elfie iron-on vinyl from Margles & C Bear
Wax melt advent calendar from Butterfly Scents
Christmas Eve box matching socks from To Dye For
Festive jersey knit fabric from Second Star Fabric
Christmas outfits for Fletcher made from Made By Jack’s Mum patterns

Just think of it this way; if you don’t continue to support our beloved WAHM and handmade businesses during 2017 there is a chance they won’t be here next Christmas to make you a new batch of goodies and that would be so sad. Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, a treat because you deserve it…think WAHM.

Don’t forget…WAHMs are for life, not just for Christmas.


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