Temperature Quilt: sew along for more fun

The idea

So I’ve had an idea for a year long project (a crazy foolhardy ambitious plan) for 2017 that I posted a little teaser about on Instagram and Facebook last week. I’m going to do a Temperature Quilt. Temperature blankets are all the rage at the moment but as I can’t knit or crochet for toffee, I thought I’d translate the idea into quilting. I’m hoping this will be a project that people can follow along with; if you have a decent-ish stash of fabric it shouldn’t be too hard to find some bits each week to match the temperature and one block doesn’t take too long to cut out and sew.

The methodtemperaturequilt-setup

A block every day would mean 365 quilting blocks and that might be bordering on insane so instead I’ll be doing a block a week; 52 blocks in total. At the end of every week I will work out the average temperature it has been here in Harrogate and then make a quilt block in the corresponding colour from my “Fabric Thermometer”. I’ll be using Tula Pink’s “City Sampler Quilts: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” book for all my block designs. I’ll post a photo each week on Instagram and Facebook featuring my weekly block (look for the #coffeeandmakingtemperaturequilt hashtag so you don’t miss any) and will also do a monthly update here on the blog showing all the blocks so far.

Obviously you can use any book, website, magazine or other inspiration for you quilt blocks. Have them all random (like me…that’s just how I roll) or all the same, it really is up to you. I have split my “Fabric Thermometer” into 10 sections because I wanted to try and increase the spectrum of colours I might be able to use over the year but you could adapt yours to be a greater or smaller range, again it really is up to you. I would recommend getting your fabric together before you start so you don’t have to go rummaging each week to find the right colour. It will also help you to identifying any gaps in your stash too. This is how I have divided up my colours:

35° and above: dark reds
30° to 34°: bright reds
25° to 29°: oranges
20° to 24°: yellows
15° to 19°: bright greens
10° to 14°: greens
5° to 9°: turquoises
0° to 4°: royal blues
-5° to -1°: lavenders
-6° and below: greys and whites

The supplies

I’ve tried to put together in my main photo all the “stuff” (technical quilters term) I’ll be using for this project. In a nut shell you will need: fabric in a variety of colours, cutting mat, cutting ruler, roller cut, or scissors if you prefer, thread, pins, seam ripper (let’s just be honest up front…we all need a seam ripper), book or other inspiration for blocks, sewing machine, and a strong coffee. There will be extra bits like batting, binding etc but we are all at least 52 weeks away from needing those so I’ll post about finishing off the project towards the end.

If you are lacking in some, or any, of these supplies then fear not. I have teamed up with some lovely online fabric and haberdashery shops who are waiting in the wings to provide anything you might need.

Little T’s Haberdashery have everything from roller cutters to pins and have a lovely discount code to use too: Coffee&Make10 for 10% off.

Caboodle Textiles can cater for all your fabric needs. If you join their Facebook group there is a 10% discount code in there.

The finished project

The Tula Pink blocks are all a 6” finish size (yours may be different) but here are a few project ideas for what you could do with 52 6” quilt blocks.

– Bed runner, my project; 13 rows of 4 blocks makes about a 24” x 78” (plus bindings etc) finished piece which is perfect for the width of a king size bed with extra to hang over the edges
– Monthly cushions; scattered them around the house using 4 blocks per cushion
– Cotbed quilt; a slight twist on the year-long project but 40 blocks (so 40 weeks/9 months…do you see my thinking?!) creates a quilt that is a great size for a cotbed
– Larger quilt; of course they is nothing to say you can’t do more blocks, two a week if you are feeling very enthusiastic would make a much larger quilt. Or use the 52 as a central feature with simple borders around to create a larger sized finished piece

If you subscribe to the blog you will get a notification of all the monthly update posts, and don’t forget to check Instagram or Facebook for each weekly block so you can sew along with me. And please share your blocks with #coffeeandmakingtemperaturequilt so everyone can see everyone else’s creations.


5 thoughts on “Temperature Quilt: sew along for more fun

    1. Thanks Ali. I’m excited to see how mine (and hopefully fellow quilters too) progresses.


  1. Would it be crazy if I did 6” long by 1” wide for 365? Each week would be a row equaling 42” and (if my math is right) the blanket would be 52” long?

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