Thursday is my Hump Day

When Fletcher was at pre-school I was still running my handmade clothing business and, although I missed him a great deal as it was the first time we had ever really been apart, I always had a lot to do when I got home from dropping him off. The five hours a day (for three days each week) flew by because as soon as I walked through the door I was straight on with sewing, and I would work on orders right up until leaving the house to collect him.

fletcher-at-schoolWhen he started primary school (my tiny little boy only just turned 4) I had thought it would be the same, just a slightly longer day for him and a couple of extra days in the week. He coped really well…I didn’t.

The summer before he started school I made the decision to close my clothing business. It was a hard decision to make as I’d spent three years running it, and it took me quite a while to properly let go of it, even months after officially closing. But a fellow work at home mum encouraged me to Kon Mari my business (she’s the decluttering and organisational guru who forces you to ask of some of your possessions “do they bring you joy?”) and low and behold making clothes for customers, lovely are they were, just didn’t bring me joy anymore, so that was that. But it meant that when Fletcher bounced off to school each day, I came home to nothing. Nothing to do with my day, no real purpose for those six and bit hours he wasn’t there.

Of course in reality there is plenty to do at home; tidying, cleaning, doing the shopping, some sewing for myself. The problem is was is none of these tasks come with deadlines, other than self-imposed ones, and so none of them really got done. Honestly, some days I did almost nothing until I went to pick up Fletcher from school. I guess that was one of my reasons for starting this blog, to give me something to do. And the silence can be deafening. I am quite an insular person anyway, always have been I think and that’s ok but even I don’t want silence all the time. I think that’s why my online friends and the WAHM community have been so important to me. They might not be real life friends, but it doesn’t make them any less real when you want someone to talk to.

But Thursday was always the worst day. Maybe Monday too but everyone hates Mondays so I don’t think that really counts. Fletcher’s pre-school days were Monday to Wednesday, and we spent Thursday and Friday together. For the first few weeks I would walk into school on a Wednesday afternoon thinking “hooray its Wednesday” only to then realise that now he is at school that doesn’t mean anything. He’s still out of the house, and I’m still on my own, Thursday and Friday. That’s why Thursday is my “hump day”. It is my toughest day to get over and, as a stay at home mum (who doesn’t really conform to the 5 day working week), its sort of the middle of my week too.

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