Hannah Hand Makes: cross stitch for everyone

Hannah Hand Makes describe themselves as “the home of modern, fun and easy cross stitch kits” and show to anyone out there that thinks cross stitch is an old fashioned craft that you are, to be frank, wrong! Cross stitch is back…if, indeed, it ever really went anywhere.

My mum used to cross stitch but always used incredibly complicated patterns. They looked amazing when they were finished but the prospect of keeping track of 20 shades of grey (I’m not even exaggerating!) so the shadows on houses looked just right was a little daunting. And they took so long to finish too. In today’s fast paced, quick fix, everyone has five hundred million things they try to do each day society we live in now, I think there is a real place for small scale crafts. Not only that, ones that after just a couple of evenings you can really see lots of progress or might even be close to finishing. And its these sort of projects that you can get from Hannah Hand Makes.

HannahHandMakes personlising the kitSo what do you get when you buy a kit from HHM? The simple answer is…everything! I used the personalised TeePee Kit and in the beautiful package that arrived I got:
– really clear instructions (for both how to personalise and generally sewing etc)
– everything I needed to create my personalisation (graph paper and full letter examples to copy)
– aida (the cross stitch fabric)
– all the embroidery thread colours (beautiful organised too so they could get mixed up)
– embroidery hoop
– felt (for backing the finished hoop)
– needle (yes, there is even a needle included…I did say you got everything!)

With the personalised kits you are able to choose which colours of thread come with the kit for your personalised bits which I think is a great idea. And there are also the added extras, for all kits, of a cotton bag (perfect so you can keep everything together and take your project with you) and gift wrapping.

The instructions that come with the kit are excellent and at the perfect level for a total beginner. There are also further instructions for various steps within each pattern on the blog which is a nice bonus and great if you are a visual learner because lots of the blog posts have videos. The Hannah Hand Makes designs are great because they are simple enough to be easy to follow for a total beginner but also have enough detail for a fabulous overall look. If you aren’t new to cross stitching then don’t worry, on the Hannah Hand Makes Etsy shop you can buy just PDF versions of the patterns/instructions so you don’t need to buy all the thread and aida etc if you already have it in your sewing stash.TeePee cross stitich cushion centrepiece

I really enjoyed completing this project and it has reignited my love for hand sewing. I’ve always very much been a machine sewer but the downside of this is it can be a hassle to get all your kit out and set up, and then after all that you need to put in a few hours to make the hassle worth it. Sometimes you just want to flop on the sofa at the end of the day and spend 15 minutes working on something that is right there to hand; easy to pick up and get going. The TeePee definitely won’t be my last HHM project. My only difficulty is deciding which one to try next…

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