Temperature Quilt: the fourth four weeks

Nearly a third of the way through this year-long project; doesn’t the year seem to go fast when its measured in quilt blocks! Its been another period of catching-up for these four weeks with it falling during the school Easter break and a holiday for us. TemperatureQuilt 16 week stackI did debate using the average temperature from during our holiday for week 14 and 15 blocks but as we were in a unseasonably warm (I say warm, I mean absolutely scorching!) Tenerife, it really would have made the finished quilt look odd. Using gradually increasing, then decreasing, Harrogate-based temperature will mean the quilt blocks will flow in roughly rainbow colours up to the centre of the quilt (when it will be the height of summer) then back down again. To have a jump from the cool turquoise and green colours to the dark red that’s at the top of the Fabric Thermometer and then back to greens again would have looked rather strange.

April’s weather has been consistently Spring-like with all weeks falling in the 10° to 14°: greens range. As in previous weeks and months, I am selecting each week’s block at random from Tula Pink’s “City Sampler Quilts: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” book. The random selection has been determined for me to practice my seam matching skills with three of the blocks featuring the precise lines of squares and rectangles. That has meant more pinning to keep everything matching up as perfectly as possible.TemperatureQuilt 4months

Week Thirteen: block No. 38 from the triangles section
Week Fourteen: block No. 87 from the Haiku section
Week Fifteen: block No. 73 from the squares section
Week Sixteen: block No. 25 from the rectangles section

Don’t forget there are some great businesses supporting this sew-along.
Caboodle Textiles can cater for all your fabric needs. If you join their Facebook group there is a 10% discount code in there.
Little T’s Haberdashery have everything from roller cutters to pins and have a lovely discount code to use too: Coffee&Make10 for 10% off.

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If you subscribe to the blog you will get a notification of all the monthly update posts, and don’t forget to check Instagram or Facebook for each weekly block so you can sew along with me. And please share your blocks with #coffeeandmakingtemperaturequilt so everyone can see everyone else’s creations.

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