Temperature Quilt: big summer catch up

Temperature Quilt- progress until AugustIts well over halfway through this year-long project. I’ve been slacking rather a lot with my monthly update posts but I have mostly been keeping on track with making the actual blocks…until the school summer holidays hit! So this is a really big catch-up because I need to give you all the details on each block since week 16 (oops!) and yesterday I made four new blocks to catch-up on the sewing too. Now the summer is officially over, I think its safe to say I was rather over ambitious (and optimistic) about how hot it might get here in Harrogate. Unless we get a seriously hot Indian Summer, I won’t be using reds or oranges on this quilt. On the plus side, so far the blues, greens and yellows have blended really nicely so its not all bad news.

As in previous weeks and months, I am selecting each week’s block at random from Tula Pink’s “City Sampler Quilts: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks” book. The random selection is still very random and has given me the chance to try out most skills and techniques over the last few months.

Week Seventeen: block No. 78 from the squares section
Week Eighteen: block No. 65 from the stripes section
Week Nineteen: block No. 51 from the triangles section
Week Twenty: block No. 57 from the stripes section
Week Twenty-One: block No. 66 from the stripes section
Week Twenty-Two: block No. 95 from the Haiku section
Week Twenty-Three: block No. 21 from the rectangles section
Week Twenty-Four: block No. 67 from the stripes section
Week Twenty-Five: block No. 60 from the stripes sectionPile of quilt blocksWeek Twenty-Six : block No. 28 from the rectangles section
Week Twenty-Seven: block No. 44  from the triangles section
Week Twenty-Eight: block No. 72 from the squares section
Week Twenty-Nine: block No. 20 from the rectangles section
Week Thirty: block No. 42 from the triangles section
Week Thirty-One: block No. 12 from the crosses section
Week Thirty-Two: block No. 10 from the crosses section
Week Thirty-Three: block No. 41 from the triangles section
Week Thirty-Four: block No. 24 from the rectangles section
Week Thirty-Five: block No. 31 from the rectangles section

Don’t forget there are some great businesses supporting this sew-along.
Little T’s Haberdashery have everything from roller cutters to pins and have a lovely discount code to use too: Coffee&Make10 for 10% off.
Caboodle Textiles can cater for all your fabric needs. If you join their Facebook group there is a 10% discount code in there.

Check back on the previous catch-up blog posts here:
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If you subscribe to the blog you will get a notification of all the update posts, and don’t forget to check Instagram or Facebook for each weekly block so you can sew along with me. And please share your blocks with #coffeeandmakingtemperaturequilt so everyone can see everyone else’s creations.

5 thoughts on “Temperature Quilt: big summer catch up

  1. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! I wish I had the patience to stitch something over a whole year.


    1. Its nearly finished! I lost a bit of momentum towards the end of the year but I hope to get it done soon.


      1. Very much looking forward to seeing it. It’ll probably wait until next year but I want to try this, and the quilts that are one square/oblong per day don’t look half as interesting as this.


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