2018: aims for Aimes

Having sorted out my sewing resolution for 2018 (you can read all about it in my previous blog post), I still couldn’t resist the urge to make a list of all the things I want to sew and design this year…I’m a list person and its a compulsion too strong to fight at times! And if there could ever be anything better than a list it would be a list with subcategories, and I’ve got that too.

I’ve split my list into three types of projects:
1. small
2. big
3. unfinished

Happily the category with the most things under it is small projects so fingers crossed the list, as a whole, is vaguely achievable. And in the time between writing the list and getting round to writing this blog post, I’ve ticked off two makes from “unfinished”, one from “small projects”, I’m on the way to finishing something else from the “small” list and I made a cushion that wasn’t even on the list. Its actually been a rather productive January…long may it continue.

Writing a list of what I want to make this year also got me thinking about what I’d like to try and achieve too. But then I’m filled with self-doubt about whether I could ever achieve anything some of those things. I follow all these amazing people on Instagram (my favourite social medium) and find myself torn between thinking “if they can do it then why can’t I too?” and “they are all doing this so brilliantly, why would I be able to as well”. Its annoys me that my brain goes there but it does. When I start to think about achievements I have a tendency to think big. Whilst working as a Museum Curator, in a small museum in North Yorkshire, whenever we made changes to exhibitions I always said “what would The British Museum do” because it made sense to me to be the absolute best we could be…funny how that’s such a tough mantra for me to use on myself.

Sorry, this is turning into a bit of a heartfelt post when I’d meant it to just be about the list of things I want to sew this year. I don’t often do heartfelt so I’m going to go with it, for once. I’m not really a big believer in those positive affirmation type quotes like “you’ve got to dream big to achieve big” but maybe I should be! So, much like my idea of blogging about my sewing resolution in a bid to make it easier to stick with and see through, I’m just going to put out there what I’d like to achieve this year (I’m not brave enough to write what I’d like to achieve beyond this year…not yet anyway).

2018: aims for Aimes (that’s short for Amy if you didn’t know!)
1. work on new designs
2. get more designs published in magazines; I’ll try for 3
3. enter a quilt into a competition (I’m still on the fence with this but I will definitely be entering something sewn into a WI competition this year so that puts me part way there)

As well as my sewing machine and fabric stash, a really invaluable tool I use to help me plan and design is my quilting stationery from Stationery Geek. They have the “My Quilt Project Bible” (designed and printed by Stationery Geek with a little bit of help with the technical terms and content ideas from little old me!) and two sizes of Quilters plotting pads. They are fantastic for sketching out design ideas and also making note of fabric and other details; and best of all, its all together in one handy notebook.

To celebrate the start of a new sewing year, I have one Quilting Project Bible to giveaway (kindly donated by Stationery Geek) over on Instagram.

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