Hexagon Waterfall Sew Along – WEEK TWO

Welcome to the second week of the ‘Hexagon Waterfall’ English paper piecing sew along!
It has been wonderful to see everyone’s fabric pulls over on Instagram and I can’t wait to see how each project is going to come together.

Hexagon Waterfall Sew Along
Dates:  22 October 2018 – 25 November 2018
Duration:  5 weeks
Project Size:  Small wall hanging – 18″ x 15″

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Materials needed:
11 Fat Eighths and 1 Fat Quarter
Backing fabric, wadding and binding
1″ hexagon EPPs

Follow along:
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Week Two

  • prep your hexagon pieces
  • head over to Instagram to share a project update and remember to use #hexagonwaterfallsal

In week one you chose the 11 (or more for some people) fabrics you plan to use for the main waterfall section and hopefully you have also decided you order you want them in; whether that be by the colour order that looks best or perhaps the order of prints that flows the nicest.

EPP Prep – what do you need:
When preparing an English paper piecing project you can use a lot of tools or hardly any, it really is up to you. The technique dates back hundreds of years as a style of hand sewing that used fabric scraps and papers (like old newspapers) that were no longer needed…early recycling with the added joy of sewing!
Today it is more common to use pre-cut paper pieces in a heavier weight paper/card; mostly because not having to cut them yourself saves time, it improves the accuracy of the shape and heavier weight shapes can be re-used for other projects.

Keeping it simple all you need is:
– paper pieces
– fabric
– scissors
– pins
– needle and thread
You may also want to use:
– rotary cutter and quilting ruler (instead of scissors)
– glue stick (instead of pins)
– acrylic template
– light pad


EPP Prep – what do you do:
Firstly you need to decide if you would prefer to glue baste or thread baste your hexagons. There are pros and cons to both methods so it mostly comes down to personal opinion; I’m certainly not going to tell you that one method is “better” than the other.
I’m making two projects during the sew along as I wanted to directly compare the two basting methods, purely out of personal interest, so I’ll keep you updated as the weeks go on with my opinions change in anyway.

Glue Basting Vs Thread Basting…

159502dc-871c-453a-b04d-f86811deb4e5Glue Basting
– I find it faster than thread basting
– the corners and edges seem crisper and more accurate
– you only need one “tool”
– you need a glue stick (not everyone will have one in their sewing stash)
– I find you need to do it at a table, although that might just be me 😉
– slower to remove the papers once you’ve finished your project

fd4f2725-2cfe-4ec3-9d72-882c6a1eb46eThread Basting
– you only need a needle and thread, almost everyone will have that to hand
– you can do it on your knee…which means you can do it on the sofa!
– the papers are very easy to remove once the project is finished
– you need three “tools” (more than glue basting)
– I find it a lot slower than glue basting
– the fabric doesn’t fit as precisely to the corners and edges of the paper piece (but this may turn into a con once sewing begins)


With your preferred basting method chosen, you are ready to go ahead and prep your hexagons.Simply secure your paper piece to the fabric (using fabric glue or a pin), cut around leaving a 1/4″ to 3/8″ seam allowance and then baste the fabric to the hexagon paper piece.

Once you have a lovely little pile of hexies all done you’ll be ready to week three…arranging the hexies and sewing!
Don’t forget to head over to Instagram and share with everyone taking part in the sew along using #hexagonwaterfallsal

The first prize of the Sew Along will be at the end of week two!
Three fat quarters and a glue stick from Olive + Flo Handcraft
English paper piecing bundle from Lina Patchwork

The winner will be chosen and announced on Instagram so make sure you tag me and use #hexagonwaterfallsal.

It’s not too late to get the pattern and catch-up with the sew along. I’m taking this one quite slow so there isn’t loads to do in the first couple of weeks.
Hexagon Waterfall is available as a paper pattern (inc EPP pieces) and a digital pattern (inc printable EPP sheet).


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