Hexagon Waterfall Sew Along – WEEK FOUR

Welcome to the fourth week of the ‘Hexagon Waterfall’ English paper piecing sew along!
Some projects are really starting to take shape now which is brilliant to see. This week we are adding the background hexies to finish the panel.

Hexagon Waterfall Sew Along
Duration:  Week 4 (of 5)
Project Size:  Small wall hanging – 18″ x 15″

Materials needed:
11 Fat Eighths and 1 Fat Quarter
Backing fabric, wadding and binding
1″ hexagon EPPs

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Week Four

  • prep your background fabric hexagons (if you haven’t already done so)
  • sew the background hexies to the main waterfall section

Last week you were busy sewing your main waterfall section so now it’s time to finish the panel by adding on the background. Use the pattern diagram you used last week, for the placement within the waterfall, to see how many hexagons need adding above and below to create a rectangular-shaped panel.

Adding the background:

  • in the same way as when you put together the waterfall section, it doesn’t matter the order you choose to add the background hexagons…

you could add them in vertical rows above and then below the main section working from one side to the other or you could sew background hexagons together in small groups, add these to each other then attached them to the main section

  • if you are using more than one fabric in your background pieces (I’ve got two different white on white fabrics in my Christmas version) and would like the different fabrics to be randomly places this is my tip for getting them in a random order without trying too hard or over-thinking it…
    1. take all your prepped background hexies and jumble them up on a table
    2. tidy them into a neat pile and try not to look at them too closely; if you end up with quite a few of the same fabric together then that’s OK…that’s random too!
    3. sew them together (which ever way you prefer from the above ideas) and be strict with yourself to not re-arrange them!
  • you might have had enough of EPP sewing by now so you could just applique the main waterfall section to a piece of fabric; machine or hand applique then continue with the quilting and finishing.

Once you have added all the background hexagons you’ll be ready for week five…trimming, quilting and finishing!

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There will be another Sew Along prize at the end of week four!
The fabulous Happy Hexies book by Boutique-Sha from Search Press.

The winner will be chosen and announced on Instagram so make sure you tag me and use #hexagonwaterfallsal.



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