A Love Affair with Half-Square Triangles

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and as many of you who follow me on Instagram will know, I am in love with half-square triangles; the way they look, their versatility, cutting them, sewing them, trimming them…everything! So it only seemed fitting that my heart-themed project for this year paid homage to these fabulous patchwork pieces.

Inspiration for quilt designs can come from so many different sources. I got the idea for these heart blocks from a fellow handmaker Dotty D who designs awesome slogan tops and accessories. I wear her high neck hoodies all the time! I saw her new geo heart design (check our her Instagram feed) and said “that would look so cool as a quilt”…she said “if you have time you are welcome to use the geo heart for a quilt”…so I did! And of course I have a new slouchy jumper with the geo heart design on the way too because how could I resist?!

I’ll show you how to make two different 10″ heart blocks and you can choose what to use these for but my favourite options would be:
– zip pouch
– put four blocks together to make a cushion
– mini quilt wall hanging
– storage basket…I’ve used my blocks to make the Lou Orth Little Things basket! It’s a fabulous free pattern and you can download it here.

To make the two blocks you will need:
– pink fabric…a large scrap
– pale pink fabric…another large scrap
– white on white fabric…mixed scraps of various prints
– cutting mat, rotary cutter and quilting ruler (one with 45° line is really useful)
– fabric pen
– extra supplies to finish your project

1. Cut your fabric:
3 3/8″ squares: white (8), pale pink (7), pink (13)
2 1/2″ squares: white (4), pale pink (2)
2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″: white (36)

2. Take all the 3 3/8″ squares and prepare your half-square triangles (HSTs).
Pair up the squares with right sides of the fabric facing in the following combinations:
7 sets
1 set
pink-pale pink
4 sets
1 set
pale pink-pale pink
1 set

Using the photo to guide you, draw a diagonal line on each set from one corner to the opposite. Sew a line using a 1/4″ seam allowance either side of the drawn line. Then cut along the drawn line, press the triangles open to reveal a square and trim this down to a 2 1/2″ square making sure the diagonal seam line stays across the centre and reaches to the opposite corners.

3. Repeat this process for all the sets of 3 3/8″ squares. You’ll have a one spare pink-pink HST and one pink-pale pink HST that you can set aside for another project.

4. Arrange your HSTs and 2 1/2″ plain squares as follows to create the two heart designs. First sew them together in rows of four squares.

5. Now attached the four rows together. Press the seams well.

6. Sew together four white rectangles. You will need four sets. Sew these to the two vertical edges of the heart blocks. Then sew together five white rectangles. You will need four sets. Sew these to the two horizontal edges of the heart blocks.

7. Press well and then decide what to do with your heart blocks!




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