Cushions Got Back | how to add love to the “wrong” side of handmade cushions

Adding a contrast stripe to envelope back cushionsI like to take as much pride in the back of a sewing project as the front; whether that’s a totally hidden back like the “wrong” side of an EPP project or quilt and cushion backs. I know you don’t look at them very often and they probably won’t be as fabulous as the fronts but they still deserve a bit of love.


Adding a contrast stripe is a great way to coordinate the back with the front and it means you can make an 18″ cushion back with one fat quarter (even directional prints!) and a long scrap.

How to add a contrast stripe to envelope back cushions

This is based on an 18″ finished cushion but you could easily adapt it for larger or smaller projects; you would need more than a fat quarter for a larger cushion.

  1. Cut one 18″ x 8½” piece and one 18″ x 9½” piece from your cushion back fat quarter
    [NOTE: the 18″ edges will be at the top and bottom of your cushion back so if using directional fabric, make sure it is the right way up before cutting]
  2. Cut one 18″ x 4″ strip from your contrast fabric. I like to choose one I’ve already used on the cushion front.
  3. Take the 18″ x 9½” piece and pin the contrast strip right sides together to one of the long edges.
    [NOTE: this will be the top half of your cushion back so if you are using a directional fabric make sure the strip goes onto the bottom edge]
    Then sew using a ¼” seam allowance and press.adding contrast strip to one side of envelope back cushion
  4. Hem the bottom edge of the contrast strip-top back piece: fold the long edge to the wrong side by  ¼”, press, fold again by ¼”, press then sew in place.adding hemming contrast strip ton envelope back cushion
  5. Hem one of the long edges of the 18″ x 8½” piece in the same way.
    [NOTE: this will be the bottom half of your cushion back so if you are using a directional fabric make sure you hem the top edge]
  6. Place the hemmed cushion back pieces onto the cushion front, right sides together; the hemmed edges will overlap in the middle. Make sure your back piece with the contrast stripe is against the cushion front with the plain back piece on top of it. Pin in place round all four edges.cushion back layers with contrast strip
  7. Sew round all four edges using a 3/8″ seam allowance. Clip the corners, turn right side out then stuff with a cushion pad.

Now you and stand back and admire the front and back of your new handmade cushion!

contrast stripe envelope back cushion

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