Rainbow Lattice | Scrappy off-cut cushion

I love to save fabric scraps…perhaps too much if I’m honest! And if I’m being very honest my saved scraps mostly stay in the box unused.

Coffee Rings Studio - Rainbow Lattice quilt

So I love that when you trim the Rainbow Lattice Quilt down to the final size, you end up with some very useful off-cuts.

There’s a good number of similar off-cuts from this quilt pattern so you can have a good play around with lots of lay-out ideas.

Read on for a couple of ideas for how you can use those off-cuts to make cushions to match your quilt.


Prepping your off-cuts

If you’re anything like me, all those off-cuts were probably shoved carefully placed in a storage pouch, box or cupboard while you got on with finishing off your beautiful new quilt. This means they will need a press before you do anything else. Press (DON’T IRON) the off-cuts very carefully. You’re dealing with a lot of bias edges here and if you drag your iron across them, rather then just pressing down, you run the risk of stretching the fabric and off-cuts out of shape.

You will have three types of off-cuts from this pattern:

Rainbow Lattice quilt off-cuts with white border
Striped triangles with a white border; there will be 6 like this (A) and 4 with the white order on the opposite side (B).
Rainbow Lattice quilt off-cuts
Striped triangles without any white border (C); there will be 14 like this.









The final job before you start playing around with lay-out ideas is to make sure all the off-cuts are the same size. Depending on the lay-out you choose, you may need to unpick some of the white border strips so don’t worry about the size of off-cuts A and B at the moment. If you made your quilt absolutely perfectly with all your quarter inch seams as accurate as a NASA computer then well done you are awesome/super-human and all your off-cuts won’t need any trimming.

Prepping and trimming the off-cuts

However if you aren’t that accurate (like me!) they won’t all be the same. As we are making a project from off-cuts, realistically it is never going to be as accurate as sewing from a proper pattern. For that reason I’m not mentioning any dimensions because its likely everyone’s will vary a little. 

The quickest and easiest way to trim down all your C off-cuts is to find the smallest one and trim all the others to match.


Large HST inspired cushion

I love a half-square triangle (you can read all about why in my Half-Square Triangles: the most versatile quilt block? post from June) so these off-cuts were the perfect opportunity to create a HST design with a slight twist…strips on each side of the HST too.

To create this design you will need fourteen C blocks and four A or B blocks with the white border strip removed. Once you’ve removed the white strip, trim those blocks down to match your C blocks.92F9E78D-E569-491B-AB43-00E8CBD84967

The exact colour effects you can create will depend on the colours you have used in your quilt. As I made my Christmas version scrappy I have fewer main colours to work with so was able to create this strip effect.

Sew each set of HSTs together first then join all the squares together.

If you have followed the original rainbow colour palette then you will have four off-cuts from each of the five main colours, plus two off-cuts each from the two corner colours. With these colours you could do the one corner section of the cushion all in one colour (using four triangle blocks), repeat that for the opposite corner with a different colour then mix up the remaining colours for a scrappy look down the middle.

Small twist cross cushion

I always think its fun to change the focus of a design to something IMG_4861new. In the original quilt pattern the joining strips are very much the “background” of the quilt but in this cushion you can flip that so they become the central motif.

To create this design you will need four A blocks; place them as shown in the photo.

Sew two of the triangles together, then sew the other two ( you will now have to two big half square triangles), and finally sew these together down the long diagonal seam.

There are lots more you can do with these off-cuts. Have a play around and try a few different lay-outs. You could try a rectangular cushion too.

The only thing I would recommend is, as you are essentially dealing with lots of pre-cut triangles, try to create designs that are based on squares (just two of your off-cuts put together) then arrange/re-arrange these squares. This will make the sewing much easier and avoids the need to use Y-seams.

Once you’ve finished your cushion fronts, check out my post Cushions Got Back for a step-by-step on how to add a contrast band envelope cushion back.


Rainbow Lattice off-cuts cushion pin

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