Aurifil Artisan Challenge #1 | Favourite Thread

You may have seen me announce this last month in Instagram but if you missed it…I’m part of the Aurifil Artisan team for 2020! I’m so exited to be working with such a wonderful company and alongside so many talented quilters, sewers and makers. 
You can find the full list of all the Artisans on Aurifil’s Auribuzz blog

A really fun part of being an Aurifil Artisan is taking part in the Artisan Challenges; each one has a different theme and is a great opportunity to play around with different thread weights and colours, and experiment with creative ideas.

The theme for July is “favourite thread weight”. This was tough for me. Aurifil have a interesting selection of thread weights and many can be used for more purposes than you might first think. But in the end I chose the ever-faithful and super versatile 50wt. Earlier this year I started to learn free motion quilting and this challenge seemed like a crazy great opportunity to push my new-found skills a bit further as 50wt has been my go-to thread for FMQ from the start.

So here is my Aurifil Artisan Challenge #1 using cotton 50w in dove (2600)…

This is a patchwork pieced wall hanging (I can’t show you the full thing as its a sample for a future pattern release of mine) and this graffiti style of free motion quilting was perfect to fill in the background space of each block.

Have you ever wanted to try free motion quilting but don’t know where to start? String and Story’s FMQ Academy is for you! I’ve learnt everything I know about free motion quilting from HollyAnne’s amazing course… it is hands down the best quilting-based course I have ever taken.

To find out more about this pattern release as well as future QALs, other new patterns and the general news from Coffee Rings Studio, please subscribe to my newsletter. High extra bonus…you get my “Guide to (near) Perfect Patchwork” for FREE!

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