Aurifil Artisan Challenge #2 | Cross Stitch

It’s time for another Aurifil Artisan challenge. Each month the challenges have a different theme and it’s a great chance to play around with techniques and thread weights you don’t always use.

The theme for August was “cross stitch and embroidery”. I have done quite a few cross stitch projects over the last couple of years, just for fun, but I’ve never used Aurifil thread or designed them myself. This was the perfect opportunity to right both of those wrongs! The 12wt was beautiful to sew with; I’ve used it lots of times for hand quilting and embroidery but it worked fabulously for cross stitch too. I always get in a bit of a tangle with more tradition embroidery thread in skeins so having the Aurifil 12wt on a spool solved that little problem for me.

Once you’ve cut your length of thread from the spool, run it gently through your fingers a few times before you thread the needle. This will help to stop the thread tangling whilst you stitch.

My cross stitch design is based on my own quit pattern Summer Braids (it appeared in Issue 65 of Quilt Now magazine). It was such fun to make I think I might start always doing a mini cross stitch version of my quilt patterns…watch this space for that!

So here is my Aurifil Artisan Challenge #2 using cotton 12 wt in gold yellow (5015), canary (2120), lemon (2115), champagne (2105) and white (2024).

You can see my July Aurifil Artisan Challenge here:

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