Seeing past the rainbow | A pattern focus on Rainbow Lattice

The first quilt pattern I ever released (back in July 2018) was Rainbow Lattice; it is available to buy in my pattern shop.

I was relatively new to pattern designing and more importantly, for the point of my story, pattern naming. Since then I’ve realised how colour-blind colour-blinkered people can be with quilt designs. I see it all the time online (now I’m looking!) quilters saying things like “I want to make a yellow quilt, show me yellow quilts you have made”, “does anyone have any recommendations for blue quilt designs” etc. I look at a quilt design and imagine the colours I might use but I’ve come to realise that lots of makers either don’t want to do that or simply can’t do it.

So I am henceforth resolved to never use a colour or colour-way name in my pattern titles, and to also show you lots of different fabric and colour options when I release patterns. And that starts now!

I’ve made a few different versions of my Rainbow Lattice design including the original rainbow colours, a traditional Christmas colours block, and the less traditional pinks, golds and greens scrappy festive quilt for the quilt along in 2019. I’d love to try a black, grey and white version at some point as I think that could be really striking.

As part of the quilt along I put together a few different colour-way inspirations which you can see on the Pinterest board…

As each block in Rainbow Lattice is made up of four mini-block units you can really play around with different looks even after you have chosen your main colours:

  • only two colours across all four units of each block
  • four colours in pairs across the four units of each block
  • super scrappy eight colours with each unit having two different colours

If you’d like to try Rainbow Lattice for yourself you can get a digital or paper copy:

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