Aurifil Artisan Challenge #3 | Wholecloth Quilt Project

Another month, another Aurifil Artisan challenge. I’m really enjoying being pushed to try different techniques and projects; it’s a fun way to push my sewing boundaries a little bit.

Surprisingly this was the first time I have ever done a whole cloth quilt project. A whole cloth quilt is basically a quilt or quilted project that uses one piece of fabric for the front (rather than a quilt top constructed from patchwork pieces) and it is the quilting stitches alone that form the design of the quilt.

For this Artisan challenge I nearly used free motion quilting but I had a spark of inspiration from a fun art meets maths tasks we did months ago during homeschooling…parabolic curves. In basic terms, a parabolic curve creates a curved shape from the intersections of straight lines. This seemed like a perfect principle to replicate using straight line quilting. I’m a big lover of quilting maths generally so I knew the need for measuring and precision would be fun for me.

I started by sewing the four outer curves; each straight line is spaced 1 inch from the next and they go from one point on the horizontal to a second point on the vertical. After I had finished all four colours around the edge I was left with a space in the centre. I was tempted to leave it blank but then decided to just go for it and added a second set of parabolic curves in the opposite direction to the first ones.

For this challenge I used Aurifil cotton 50wt in medium lavender (2540), red plum (1100) jade (4093) and orange mustard (2140) on Windham Fabrics Artisan Cotton in charcoal-white.

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