Design Wall | Invisible Sewing Space Part II

A design wall is a really useful tool for a quilter; it’s a great way to easily arrange and re-arrange quilt blocks to check different placements and it’s much easier that looking at them on the floor. But if you don’t have your own sewing room (like me) then you probably won’t have the space for a permanent design wall…or even more likely, you won’t want one up all the time!

In an ideal world I’d have a blank wall with a very large piece of dense foam neatly wrapped in an even larger piece of batting/wadding but this isn’t an ideal world, it’s a “I sew and quilt from my dining room” kind of world! But the one useful think I do have is a big blind and that’s what I use for my temporary design wall. Rather than having a huge piece of wadding always hanging around (which is something else I don’t have room for), for my temporary design wall I just use the wadding I’ve bought for the quilt I’m working on at that time. I simply use clothes pegs to clip the wadding to the top of my blind and let it hang down to the floor and that’s it! It’s not perfect because there isn’t a solid back to the “design wall” so it can be a little harder to keep the blocks clinging to the wadding but it works well enough for my needs.

I’ll admit that having the big blind does make it really easy for me to put up and take down my temporary design wall but if you don’t have anything like this (or similar, like a curtain pole) in the space you use for sewing then it might be worth investing in some subtle-looking hanging hooks which you can permanently leave on your wall (perhaps right near the ceiling so that aren’t too obvious!). Sew some ribbon or scrap fabric loops to the top edge of your wadding and use those to hang up your temporary design wall.

For more tips on creating a more temporary sewing room set-up then check out another blog post:

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