6 Stages of Juggling

Another week of home learning, pandemic weirdness, missing people…another week of not having a clue what I’m doing at times! Is it really possible to write the presentation for a new mini course whilst explaining subtracting fractions or looking for a missing lego piece? I’m not sure it’s even meant to be possible but it needs to be done…somehow!

I’m not going to write a blog post with my top tips for balancing home learning with running a creative business; like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing so it would be a bit silly. Instead here are my 6 Stages of Juggling. Everyone’s experience of lockdown is different (depending on the country you are in, the type of work you do, if you have children and their age/s) so this is all just from my personal experience and feelings. I would also add that the vast majority of my work deadlines are only answerable to me; how on earth people are doing all this with bosses and colleagues to answer to is totally beyond me!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

6 Stages of Juggling

  1. SHOCK
    How are we here again, doing this juggling act with our children’s education?
    This one is two-fold. There are only so many usable hours in a day and so many people were pushing those to the max even before the pandemic/lockdown/home learning. The maths just doesn’t add up anymore (which is rather ironic when you’re trying to explain equivalent fractions). Then there’s the frustration at losing your space, time and freedom; you’d have thought I’d be getting used to that but perhaps it’s better that I’m still not.
    Patience with myself, patience with the child, patience with the “working from home” husband. It feels like this is needed in bucket loads at the moment but everyone cracks sometimes…
    Inevitable. See stages 1 and 2 for reasons why and add “being human” and “endless interruptions” to that as well!
    With the maths of hours in the day plus stuff that needs doing not adding up I’ve had to replan, and then replan the replan etc etc. In fact “the plan” has become much smaller so it seems more manageable; I’m not sure that concept is always working but its better than a huge, unachievable plan.
    I’m not convinced by this one but it seemed like a nice end. I have days when I accept that I can’t get everything done and things need to give, or need to take longer than they usually do. And then I have days when I don’t accept this (why should I?!); either because I really want to get everything done and I’m frustrated that something out of my control is stopping that, or because I’ve lost my patience with everything…the whole situation, the politicians on the news, the lose of headspace, the lack of end in sight.

Sorry this isn’t the cheeriest post but that does seem quite fitting at the moment. It’s not all bad; I’m lucky I only have one child to deal with, I’m fortunate to be able to set most of my work deadlines myself, I’m grateful I live in a happy and loving home.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still hard every day, and I think that is OK…one day, one work task, one equivalent fraction at a time!

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