On Your Marks… | Favourite marking tools

Always using the same marking tool…change the script!

Read on to find out about my favourite marking and writing tools, and the different ways I use them in sewing, patchwork and quilting projects.

Sewline Trio Pencil

  • This mechanical pencil has three marking options; a regular black lead pencil, a white lead and a fine, rounded metal tip. And there’s a rubber on the top too.
  • The super fine, white lead option (you can swap this for a few other pale colours) is great for lots of marking jobs including half square triangle lines, appliqué outlines, embroidery lines etc. The downside is you can only press lightly if you want to rub out the lines and the lead runs out quite quickly.
  • The metal tip is great for marking in a way that you know will definitely iron or wash away as it only creates an indentation; the line it creates is fine and as it is in a pencil, it’s more comfortable to hold compared to other indentation marking tools. As produces a fine, indentation mark, the lines can be harder to see compared to other marking pens.

Hera Marker

  • Hera Markers come in two sizes. I use the larger one more often but the smaller size is still a really useful tool. This is another indention marking tool so no worries about the lines not going away.
  • I mostly use my Hera Marker for create guides for straight line quilting. Although it produces a thicker line than other indentation marking tools, that is a plus point when you are marking on the three layers of a quilt. The wide edge of the larger size Hera works really well against a quilting ruler.

Clover Chacopel Pencil

  • This soft chalk pencil comes in a set of three; grey, white and double ended pink-blue, and the set comes with a sharpener and brushes to help rub away your lines.
  • They are great for lots of marking jobs including half square triangle lines, appliqué outlines, embroidery lines etc. and the lines can be washed or brushed away.
  • The downside of these pencils is they need sharpening quite often to keep a very fine tip, but at least they do come with the perfect sharpener!

Quilting Lines Magic Pen

  • This felt-tip style pen has two ends; thick and fine. The ink disappears after a few days or can be washed out. It’s great for lots of marking jobs including half square triangle lines, appliqué outlines, embroidery lines etc.
  • This is the only ink-based pen on my favourites line. Ink is great because it usually goes on smoother than pencils (sometimes pencils can drag on fabric and distort it slightly if you press too hard) and it is often much more visible than other marking tools. BUT be cautious with ink because…it’s ink! Don’t draw all over your beautiful project before testing it first. Test it doesn’t bleed, test it comes out and check when it’s come out that there’s no shadow mark left behind.
  • In my experience, the fine end fades faster than the thick one. Usually it takes 2-3 days so be careful to only use this pen for more immediate projects.

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