Stick A Pin In It | My Pinterest Favourites

Inspiration strike can happen at any time, but how and where can you keep all those ideas organised? ⠀
I love lists and post it notes and screenshots and about a million other ways to remember an idea or source of inspiration but I don’t love any of these as much as I love Pinterest! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In this post I’ll walk you through some of my favourite Pinterest boards (my own and other peoples!) and give you a few ideas on how best to organised your own Pinterest boards.⠀

But before we get into all that…what is Pinterest and why is it such a great tool?

Pinterest is like a visual search engine and when you find something you like/want to remember you “pin” it to one of your pinboards as a way of saving it. Each pin is an image with a little bit of information and it will (or at least it should) link you to a website or something else online. The “boards” are essentially collections of pins that people usually organise into themes so it’s easy to find what you have saved. You can also pin things to one of your boards from website. Most images on a website will give you the option to save them to Pinterest.

When you go onto Pinterest you’ll start at your “home feed” which will you show you a selection of pins that Pinterest have put together for you based on the users, boards, topics you follow and a few other things they think you’ll like (( find these are often related to your recent searches within Pinterest). You can then access your profile area which will show all the things you have pinned and the boards you have saved them to.

Here are a few links to my favourite boards:

Organising your Pinterest boards

I think it’s really important to keep your Pin boards organised because it makes it easier to find the things you have pinned. If you pin more than a few pins and only have them on one or two boards you’ll be scrolling forever to find a specific pin. I’d also recommend thinking carefully about how you name your boards; try to be specific and not too long, this will make it easier to pin new pins to the correct board.

Here are my top tips for sorting out your Pinterest boards. Don’t worry if you’ve already got loads of pins and boards, you can reorganise at any point.

  1. Think about the broad topics you might pin and write them down. Mine would be sewing, quilting, creative business, recipes, quotes and home.
  2. Now think about how you could sub-divide these topics, especially if you know you’ll be pinning loads under one topic. For me, quilting is way too broad so I’d at least divide it down to machine quilting, hand quilting and quilting tips. But quotes are just for fun so I’m happy to have one board full of a mixture of those.
  3. A more recent feature of Pinterest means you can also add sub categories within boards. This is especially useful for larger boards so you can find things faster.
  4. Don’t forget there is no limit on the number of boards you can have but I would still be cautious about having “too many”. If you end up with lots of boards with only a handful of pins in each, I’d consider trying to amalgamate some of them (in a way that makes sense!).

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