Quilting Rulers | My favourites

Is there a “top” brand of quilting rulers you should be using?

Like many sewing and quilting tools, this has a lot to do with personal preference but if you’d like to learn a little bit more about my favourite brand of quilting rulers and why I love them, read on…

My favourite brand of quilting rulers is Creative Grids. When I was just starting out I had a couple of different brands of rulers and a few freebies from magazines too. They all do the job but sometimes the freebie ones aren’t quite as detailed (and can be a tiny bit inaccurate on occasion too), and of the paid brands I found I liked the various features of Creative Grids the best.


Creative Grids rulers have black and white numbers and lines. I find that these colours stand out the most on the greatest variety of fabric colours and print styles. As I said at the beginning, this is very much personal preference so I would recommend testing out different ruler colours to see which work best for you.

Lines and Grip

On two edges of square and rectangular Creative Grids rulers, the first ¼” and ½” (one of each edge) are emphasised for quick reference as these are such commonly used measurements. As you can see from the example, the ¼” is labelled and is also highlighted with a dotted line and a slight colour difference. The ½” isn’t labelled but also has the slight colour difference.

The colour difference around the edges serves two purposes; as well as highlighting some of the smaller measurements, it is also part of the ruler’s non-slip surface. As well as these bands around the edges, there are also large non-slip dots. I find the non-slip surface of Creative Grids to be the most effective of all the ruler brands I have tried. As it doesn’t cover the whole underside, the rulers are easy to move across fabric but also grip very well.

Huge selection

Creative Grids has a huge selection of square and rectangular rulers, plus lots of other “clever” ones. Beyond the basic squares and rectangles there are rulers for:

  • making half-square triangles and flying geese
  • creating curved and wavy patchwork pieces
  • various patchwork motif templates
  • triangles and wedges
  • cutting multiple strips at once (these are called Stripology rulers)


This feature is something unique to Creative Grids rulers. As you can see from the example, two edges of the ruler are labelled with the whole inch measurements (1″, 2″, 3″ etc) but the other two edges are labelled with the whole and a half inch measurements (1½”, 2½”, 3½” etc). This means that with one ruler you can very easily identify and use whole or half measurements by simply working from a different side of the ruler.

Perhaps all this ruler talk has piqued your interested. If you are tired of making cutting mistakes in your patchwork projects because you don’t understand what all the lines on your quilting ruler mean, imagine if you always knew what the lines and markings on your ruler meant and how to use them effectively. That’s exactly why I created my digital course The Ruler Rules; I wanted to be able to help you get the most from these invaluable patchwork tools and use them with confidence every time.

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