Aurifil Artisan | 2021-22

It’s been so busy the last couple of months I never got a proper chance to announce that I am thrilled to be an Aurifil Artisan again this year!

One of my favourite things about Aurifil thread is their big range of thread weights while still keeping a brilliant colour selection for all of them. Just like last year, as an Artisan I’ll be taking part in a few different challenges between now and May next year; I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you the topics for each challenge I have signed up for but what I will say is that this year I’ve decided I’m going to base everything on a theme…

In case you can’t guess from the photos above, the theme I’m going to follow for my Artisan challenges this year is up-cycled fabric, specifically denim. Due to its production process denim may be the least eco-friendly fabric there is. I have quite a lot of denim in my wardrobe and find that when it wears out, especially when we’re talking about jeans, it’s often in a place that can’t be repaired but the rest of the garment is fine and the denim fabric itself is still in good condition…perhaps softened and faded but still with plenty of life left in it. All of this means I have a lot of no-longer worn jeans in the bottom of my wardrobe that I don’t want to throw away.

Denim is heavier weight than something like a quilting cotton, comes in a nice variety of colours (especially when you take into account stonewashed and worn examples), has an interesting texture, and denim garments often have nice features like rivets, pockets and top stitching. This makes it great for the basis of a variety of different sewing and patchwork projects.

So look out over the next year for some fun denim-based projects with the excuse to experiment with different Aurifil thread weights!

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