Fabric Storage Cube | Tutorial

Keeping sewing spaces tidy and organised is a very common topic for blog posts; I should know because I’ve written a few myself! But having systems for where all your crafting things are kept involves needing things to put the things in. One of the biggest sources of disorganisation in a sewing space often comes from large amounts of fabric…so here’s a tutorial for a storage cube to help you tidying up and it’ll use a bit of your fabric too.

This pattern only uses two fat eighths plus some scraps so with a couple of fat quarters you could make two. A great way to use up some fabric cuts and perhaps showcase a few favourites that you haven’t found a place for in larger projects. The little thread spool appliqué is a great way to use up some scraps but the storage cube looks great plain too. Or you can let your imagination run wild and add an appliqué of your own design…something like scissors, pins, or a needle and thread would be simple sewing-theme designs.

Head over to the Polka Dot Chair blog to find the full tutorial with step photos.

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