Up-cycling | Aurifil Artisan Challenge

You may have seen me announce this summer but if you missed it…I’m part of the Aurifil Artisan team for 2021-22! It’s fabulous to be working with such a wonderful company and alongside so many talented quilters, sewers and makers for another year. You can find the full list of all the Artisans on Aurifil’s Auribuzz blog

A really fun part of being an Aurifil Artisan is taking part in the Artisan Challenges; each one has a different theme and is a great opportunity to play around with different thread weights and colours, and experiment with creative ideas.

The theme for the September challenge is up-cycling!

Cards on the table, I did use some non-upcycled fabrics in these cushions; a little bit of quilting cotton, Essex yard-dyed linen and some flannel cotton.
But there is also:
an old wool blanket – the purple/blue check
a fluffy blanket – the cushion backs
tweed scraps – the pale grey herringbone
a shirt – the navy and white pinstripe

I used Aurifil cotton 50wt to piece the patchwork cushion fronts. This gave me the best balance between thread weight and strength. A lot of the fabrics I used were quite thick (especially when two or more came together at a seam join) so 50wt worked perfectly.
I then used 28wt to machine quilt both cushion fronts. I used a combination of walking foot quilting and free motion quilting and the 28wt worked beautifully for both. I think if I had used something lighter, like 40wt or 50wt, then the walking foot quilting on the thicker fabric may have disappeared too much.

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