When is the best time to start your patchwork journey?

Simple answer…any time!

Longer answer…like so many things in life, if you keep putting off learning a new skill or starting a new challenge because you’re waiting for the “perfect” time, there’s a really good chance that the perfect time will never come along. It’s such a common thing when learning a new skills (or working to improve an existing one) to say you’ll get round to it another time; I’ve certainly done it and I’m sure you have too. And the saddest thing about that is it means you might never take that leap into the new skill or challenge.
But don’t worry. You haven’t missed your chance, and the great news is you’ll never miss your chance because the best time to start your patchwork journey is ANY TIME! Just jump in and go for it.

Check out this little dude…

Whilst shopping for fabric for his World Book Day costume, he spotted this Hogwarts houses fabric and asked if he could make his own cushion…who’s going to say no to that?! He’s taken part in a few children’s sewing classes in the past. In them the designs have been pre-set and focused on simple appliqué designs. This time we just had the piece of fabric. He wanted to keep the fabric whole (rather than patchwork piecing) so sketched out a quilting design, chose the thread colours, marked the design onto the fabric and did all the quilting. All only with a very small amount of supervision.

What’s the point of this little story? My point is you can start patchwork and quilting as a child, a teenager, a younger adult or an older adult. At age nine he’s already been using a sewing machine for about two years but at age thirty-nine I’ve been using one for nearly 10 years. That’s actually a similar percentage of our lives. I know that time and other commitments can be a huge hurdle to deal with but taking the first step doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. Choose a small project and a simple skill. And once you get started sewing, I bet you won’t want to stop!

I currently have two courses in my collection which are both perfect for beginners or patchwork quilters looking to up their confidence and skills.
Create spot-on patchwork seams with precision and confidence. With Seams Perfect there’s no need for mis-match seams and uneven quilt blocks. You’ll learn how to sew, press and match your patchwork seams in just a few hours.

Get the measure of your quilting rulers and learn how to use them with confidence and accuracy. With The Ruler Rules you can say goodbye to wasted fabric, wonky cutting lines and uneven patchwork projects. You’ll learn the best techniques for how, where and why to cut, plus develop a greater understanding of all the different ways you can use a quilting ruler and get the full potential from these extremely versatile patchwork tools.

Get your FREE Guide to (near) Perfect Patchwork and keep up-to-date with all the goings on at Coffee Rings Studio including patten releases, future QALs and new digital courses.

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