Sleep | March Cushion of the Month

This month’s cushion design is perfect to go on a bed…it’s a Sleep cushion! Now I’m not claiming it’s going to help people actually get to sleep but maybe it could. And if it doesn’t, it’ll look great no matter what.

The design is created using patchwork letters with lots of background so the word really stands out. I like bed cushions to have simpler patchwork designs. It means there are less seams and I think that makes them more comfortable to lie on. I’ve chosen an ombre blue to white colour palette for the letters but you could use all one fabric if you’d prefer. The instructions call for five fat eighths (or large scraps) but if you used all one fabric then one fat quarter would be more than enough. For the background fabric I used a soft brushed cotton to give the cushion that extra snuggly feel.

I’ve chosen a simple, all-over vertical straight line quilting motif. I think something similar but with diagonal lines would also work really well. A few years ago I free motion quilted a patchwork letters banner using a graffiti quilting motif on the background and nothing on the letters. This worked really well because the dense amount of quilting on the background areas made the letters really standout both visually and physically.

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Head over to the Polka Dot Chair blog to find the full tutorial with step photos.

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