Beehive | April Cushion of the Month

It’s time for another of my “Pillow of the Month” projects and for April I’m bringing you a little buzz of Spring. I know bees are very popular at the moment on home dec type items (and I love bees too) but I wanted to design a bee-themed patchwork cushion without there actually being any bees…

The simple beehive patchwork design makes this a quick make so I added some extra pizzazz by using lots of different free motion quilting motifs. If you choose a more basic quilting design then you can turn this into a super quick make!

If you want to try out some new free motion quilting motifs (or try out FMQ completely!) then using a simple patchwork cushion for you base is a great idea because

  • a small project is easier to move around the sewing machine
  • if you start a motif and don’t enjoy quilting it then you only need to cover a small space to complete it and then move into a different motif
  • if the base project is a quick make and you “mess up” the quilting then you won’t feel like you’ve wasted too much time…but messing up is still great learning so it’s never really wasted time anyway!

Head over to the Polka Dot Chair blog to find the full tutorial with step photos.

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