Moroccan Tile | June Cushion of the Month

It’s time for another “Cushion of the Month” project and as summer starts to show here in the UK (sort of…the weather is still a bit mixed here in true north of England style!) I thought it was time to take some inspiration from a more summery part of the world.

Tiled floors and walls are a fabulous source of inspiration for patchwork due to the repetitive nature of the designs. For me the most beautiful tiles are Moroccan with their intricate geometric patterns made from shapes like squares, triangles, stars, diamonds, and crosses. In fact I have a Pinterest board for patchwork inspiration and it’s almost all Moroccan-style tiles.

In my Moroccan Tile cushion I’ve created a simplified Moroccan-inspired design from diagonal rows of small squares in deep, jewel colours. The finished patchwork top is then rotated and trimmed down to a square turning the small squares into diamonds.

I have used the same prints for each of the five fabric colours featured in this design but as the squares are small you could make a scrappy version instead. Be careful to choose very similar colours for each of the four feature colours so you still get the distinct square borders.

If you want to choose different colours to the ones I have used but don’t feel confident in selecting four colours that work well together then check out my blog post Choosing Fabric Colours | Four, Five & More Colours for some guidance. For my cushion I have used tetradic square colours; two sets of two colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel and are evenly spaced around the wheel too.

Head over to the Polka Dot Chair blog to find the full tutorial with step photos.

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