Prism Paw | July Cushion of the Month

Over half way through the year and that means there’s already been six free cushion patterns! And…that also means it’s time for number seven. July’s “Cushion of the Month” project is based on a traditional quilt block but with a little something extra.

I love traditional quilt blocks and try to use them as much as I can when I’m designing. But I do also like to add a bit of a twist at times and because they are my absolute favourite, this usually involves adding half square triangles into the classic block.

My Prism Paw is one of those designs! A traditional bear paw block but with half square triangles in place of the usual central four plain squares. The bonus of adding the half square triangles is that it splits all four “paws” in half and that means double the colours! And a gorgeous spectrum of colours really gives it that extra modern patchwork feel.

Head over to the Polka Dot Chair blog to find the full tutorial with step photos.

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