Autumn Leaf Garland | Tutorial

As the season changes, I love adding some handmade Autumnal decor around the house. This little vertical garland is a great way to use up some fabric scraps and try out a few different decorative stitch techniques. The design is really adaptable; if you want the garland to be longer you can simply make extraContinue reading “Autumn Leaf Garland | Tutorial”

Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting | Chat with Sarah Ashford

As a patchwork teacher and quilt designer, I have quite a few friends who work in the same industry, and it’s so exciting when they launch something new. My lovely friend Sarah Ashford recently released her first book Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting. Designed for beginners, the book walks you through essential patchwork and quiltingContinue reading “Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting | Chat with Sarah Ashford”

More Lights On | How to improve your hand sewing lighting

Last month I wrote a blog post about good lighting in your sewing space. Now we’re talking about improving the lighting when you are hand sewing. Just like with sewing machine lighting, a well-lit hand sewing project is really important for several reasons. Once again, let’s shed some light on why good lighting is soContinue reading “More Lights On | How to improve your hand sewing lighting”

Up-cycling | Aurifil Artisan Challenge

You may have seen me announce this summer but if you missed it…I’m part of the Aurifil Artisan team for 2021-22! It’s fabulous to be working with such a wonderful company and alongside so many talented quilters, sewers and makers for another year. You can find the full list of all the Artisans on Aurifil’s Auribuzz blog.  A reallyContinue reading “Up-cycling | Aurifil Artisan Challenge”

Fabric Storage Cube | Tutorial

Keeping sewing spaces tidy and organised is a very common topic for blog posts; I should know because I’ve written a few myself! But having systems for where all your crafting things are kept involves needing things to put the things in. One of the biggest sources of disorganisation in a sewing space often comesContinue reading “Fabric Storage Cube | Tutorial”

Lights On | How to improve your sewing machine lighting

Good lighting in your sewing space is a real must; it can have a huge effect on you and your sewing projects but luckily there are different ways to achieve good lighting. Let’s shed some light on why good lighting is so important, how it can benefit your sewing experience and I’ve included a fewContinue reading “Lights On | How to improve your sewing machine lighting”

Disappearing Four Patch | Tutorial Part 2

Last month we looked at making disappearing four patch designs that used horizontal and vertical cuts. These are perfect for both directional and non-directional prints because none of the patchwork pieces are rotated to create the new block design. This month I’m sharing more designs, but this time they are cut in a different way.Continue reading “Disappearing Four Patch | Tutorial Part 2”

Choosing Fabric Colours | Four, Five & More Colours

We’ve now talked about choosing two colour and three colour fabric combinations in Choosing Fabric Colours | Two & Three Colours, and looked at the basics of colour theory and using a colour wheel in Choosing Fabric Colours | The Basics. Now let’s focus on choosing four colour, five colour and more fabric combinations. AsContinue reading “Choosing Fabric Colours | Four, Five & More Colours”

Choosing Fabric Colours | Two & Three Colours

We’ve already talked about the basics of colour theory, using a colour wheel and looked at a couple of colour combinations in Choosing Fabric Colours | The Basics. Now let’s focus on choosing two colour and three colour fabric combinations. Knowing how to choose fabric combinations is a really useful skill for any patchwork quilter.Continue reading “Choosing Fabric Colours | Two & Three Colours”

Choosing Fabric Colours | The Basics

There are so many beautiful fabric colours and prints, almost an endless choice, so how do you go about choosing for your patchwork project? Combining colours and prints can come easily to some people, but for many it is a real challenge to get the balance and look that they want. Luckily colours have aContinue reading “Choosing Fabric Colours | The Basics”