Temperature Quilt: sew along for more fun

The idea So I’ve had an idea for a year long project (a crazy foolhardy ambitious plan) for 2017 that I posted a little teaser about on Instagram and Facebook last week. I’m going to do a Temperature Quilt. Temperature blankets are all the rage at the moment but as I can’t knit or crochetContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: sew along for more fun”

WAHMs are for life, not just for Christmas

As the dust settles on another Christmas, my thoughts have turned to handmade businesses and more specifically the small, work-at-home-mum (WAHM) run businesses. Having previously been one myself and still happily feeling a part of this crazy rainbow obsessed lovely community I find I often think of these wonderful and talented people and how, fantasticContinue reading “WAHMs are for life, not just for Christmas”

The whole kid at Caboodle

Caboodle Kids’ motto is “comfy kids, colourful kids, happy kids” and they really do keep to it. Their range is full of comfortable yet stylish designs for babies and children, all with a varied selection of eye catching fabrics. With an easy to navigate website, you can browse their in stock items or head toContinue reading “The whole kid at Caboodle”