A heart cushion is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day

As it’s February, I thought it called for some sort of heart-themed pattern. And as 6th February commemorated 100 years since (some) women in the UK were given the vote, I wanted to find room for the classic purple and green colours of the Votes for Women campaign. This project includes a few different techniques:Continue reading “A heart cushion is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day”

Christmas Tree Cushion tutorial

A simple but effective Christmas Tree cushion cover, and a great way to practice getting your half-square triangles as accurate as possible. To make this project you will need a selection of Christmas fabrics (I’m using a small selection from the Moda “The Cooke Exchange” collection), something relatively plain for the background and whatever youContinue reading “Christmas Tree Cushion tutorial”

Temperature Quilt: big summer catch up

Its well over halfway through this year-long project. I’ve been slacking rather a lot with my monthly update posts but I have mostly been keeping on track with making the actual blocks…until the school summer holidays hit! So this is a really big catch-up because I need to give you all the details on eachContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: big summer catch up”

Getting pattern-hack happy

I absolutely love using independent designers’ PDF sewing patterns, but sometimes I like to mess around with them a little. Whether it’s making a slight change to one pattern or combining two patterns for an alternative look, pattern hacking can be lots of fun. But to get a really good finished fit and look, youContinue reading “Getting pattern-hack happy”

Temperature Quilt: the fourth four weeks

Nearly a third of the way through this year-long project; doesn’t the year seem to go fast when its measured in quilt blocks! Its been another period of catching-up for these four weeks with it falling during the school Easter break and a holiday for us. I did debate using the average temperature from duringContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the fourth four weeks”

Temperature Quilt: the third four weeks

This month I had a serious tidy up in my sewing cupboard. It didn’t take all month (!), just an afternoon really, I’m not that slow and the cupboard isn’t that big! But I’m feeling even more organised now…it was a bit like having a crafting spring clean. I got rid of loads of ribbonContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the third four weeks”

Hannah Hand Makes: cross stitch for everyone

Hannah Hand Makes describe themselves as “the home of modern, fun and easy cross stitch kits” and show to anyone out there that thinks cross stitch is an old fashioned craft that you are, to be frank, wrong! Cross stitch is back…if, indeed, it ever really went anywhere. My mum used to cross stitch butContinue reading “Hannah Hand Makes: cross stitch for everyone”