Jubilee Celebration | May Cushion of the Month

A series of monthly patchwork cushion tutorials in 2022 couldn’t go by without a nod to something very special that’s happening. This year Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to celebrate their Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. The Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend takes place in early June with events and activitiesContinue reading “Jubilee Celebration | May Cushion of the Month”

Beehive | April Cushion of the Month

It’s time for another of my “Pillow of the Month” projects and for April I’m bringing you a little buzz of Spring. I know bees are very popular at the moment on home dec type items (and I love bees too) but I wanted to design a bee-themed patchwork cushion without there actually being anyContinue reading “Beehive | April Cushion of the Month”

Sewing Machine Feet | Quilting

We’re back with another post about sewing machine feet. Last time I looked at feet for patchwork piecing and now the focus turns to quilting. It feels like there’s even more feet for different types of machine quilting and choosing one over another can be far more down to personal preference than how well theyContinue reading “Sewing Machine Feet | Quilting”

Sewing Machine Feet | Patchwork Piecing

Sewing machine feet…there are a lot. Some have really specific tasks whilst others can be used for quite a few different things. Even the most basic sewing machine will most likely come with a handful of feet but how important are they all? This week we’re going to take a closer look at sewing machineContinue reading “Sewing Machine Feet | Patchwork Piecing”

Sleep | March Cushion of the Month

This month’s cushion design is perfect to go on a bed…it’s a Sleep cushion! Now I’m not claiming it’s going to help people actually get to sleep but maybe it could. And if it doesn’t, it’ll look great no matter what. The design is created using patchwork letters with lots of background so the wordContinue reading “Sleep | March Cushion of the Month”

When is the best time to start your patchwork journey?

Simple answer…any time! Longer answer…like so many things in life, if you keep putting off learning a new skill or starting a new challenge because you’re waiting for the “perfect” time, there’s a really good chance that the perfect time will never come along. It’s such a common thing when learning a new skills (orContinue reading “When is the best time to start your patchwork journey?”

Patchwork Heart | February Cushion of the Month

How can it be time for February’s cushion/pillow of the month already? Actually this one is up a bit earlier than usual as I wanted to catch the Valentine’s makers. I love making heart-themed patchwork all year round but I couldn’t let February pass without a special project. For the second month in a row,Continue reading “Patchwork Heart | February Cushion of the Month”

Patchwork Plaid | January Cushion of the Month

For the past year I have written a monthly tutorial for the fabulous Polka Dot Chair blog; a mix of patchwork, embroidery, and other small projects. With the start of a new year I’ll be starting a new feature… “Pillow [cushion] of the Month”. Each month will share a tutorial to make a quilted pillow/cushion.Continue reading “Patchwork Plaid | January Cushion of the Month”

Autumn Leaf Garland | Tutorial

As the season changes, I love adding some handmade Autumnal decor around the house. This little vertical garland is a great way to use up some fabric scraps and try out a few different decorative stitch techniques. The design is really adaptable; if you want the garland to be longer you can simply make extraContinue reading “Autumn Leaf Garland | Tutorial”

Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting | Chat with Sarah Ashford

As a patchwork teacher and quilt designer, I have quite a few friends who work in the same industry, and it’s so exciting when they launch something new. My lovely friend Sarah Ashford recently released her first book Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting. Designed for beginners, the book walks you through essential patchwork and quiltingContinue reading “Jump Into Patchwork & Quilting | Chat with Sarah Ashford”