Aurifil Artisan Challenge #4 | Hand Quilting

It’s time for another Aurifil Artisan challenge; this is my final one for 2020 but don’t worry, there will be more next year. I’m no stranger to hand quilting (although I used to be as I avoided pretty much all hand sewing up until a couple of years ago!) but I most often use itContinue reading “Aurifil Artisan Challenge #4 | Hand Quilting”

Creative ways to use the Hexagon Waterfall pattern

The first pattern I ever had in a magazine was Hexagon Waterfall (featured in Quilt Now Issue 45 named “Charming Mini Rainbow Quilt”); it is available to buy in my pattern shop. Hexagon Waterfall is an English paper piecing (EPP) small wall hanging, perfect for EPP beginners and more experienced hand sewers who want a quickContinue reading “Creative ways to use the Hexagon Waterfall pattern”

Playing with…thread weights

Do you ever get confused by the different types of thread and when to use them? Find yourself always using the same thread because it’s the “safe” option? Read on for my thoughts and tips for some of the thread weights most commonly used in patchwork and quilting. I do need to start by sayingContinue reading “Playing with…thread weights”

EPP: as easy as one, two, three

English paper piecing (EPP) is a very old quilting method that is still used today to create traditionally styled sewing projects as well as modern makes. The technique involves wrapping fabric around shaped pieces of paper or card and then stitching the fabric together. The most traditional shape to use for EPP is the hexagonContinue reading “EPP: as easy as one, two, three”

Day Two: #keepcalmbrithop | My Favourite Thing

Hello and welcome to Day Two of the Keep Calm Brit Hop hosted by The Crafty Nomad. There will be a new post every day for next couple of weeks (you can find all the posts so far in the link above) and it’s a great chance to ‘meet’ lots of new businesses. Today IContinue reading “Day Two: #keepcalmbrithop | My Favourite Thing”

Rainbow Lattice | Scrappy off-cut cushion

I love to save fabric scraps…perhaps too much if I’m honest! And if I’m being very honest my saved scraps mostly stay in the box unused. So I love that when you trim the Rainbow Lattice Quilt down to the final size, you end up with some very useful off-cuts. There’s a good number ofContinue reading “Rainbow Lattice | Scrappy off-cut cushion”

Rainbow Lattice Quilt Along | THE PRIZES!

Keep reading to find out more details about our QAL prize sponsors. Each week has a fabulous prize for anyone taking part and using #rainbowlatticeqal If you haven’t joined the quilt along yet, this is your chance to make a modern, beginner friendly patchwork quilt pattern with lots of other fellow quilters. Sign up for the quilt along HEREContinue reading “Rainbow Lattice Quilt Along | THE PRIZES!”

Rainbow Lattice Quilt Along

Introducing the Rainbow Lattice Quilt Along… A chance to make this modern, beginner friendly patchwork quilt pattern from Coffee Rings Studio with lots of other fellow quilters #rainbowlatticeqal  This is a great chance to make a quilt ready for the festive season, as a beautiful handmade gift or just for the fun of sewing a newContinue reading “Rainbow Lattice Quilt Along”

Cushions Got Back | how to add love to the “wrong” side of handmade cushions

I like to take as much pride in the back of a sewing project as the front; whether that’s a totally hidden back like the “wrong” side of an EPP project or quilt and cushion backs. I know you don’t look at them very often and they probably won’t be as fabulous as the fronts butContinue reading “Cushions Got Back | how to add love to the “wrong” side of handmade cushions”

A Love Affair with Half-Square Triangles

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and as many of you who follow me on Instagram will know, I am in love with half-square triangles; the way they look, their versatility, cutting them, sewing them, trimming them…everything! So it only seemed fitting that my heart-themed project for this yearContinue reading “A Love Affair with Half-Square Triangles”