Getting pattern-hack happy

I absolutely love using independent designers’ PDF sewing patterns, but sometimes I like to mess around with them a little. Whether it’s making a slight change to one pattern or combining two patterns for an alternative look, pattern hacking can be lots of fun. But to get a really good finished fit and look, youContinue reading “Getting pattern-hack happy”

Temperature Quilt: the fourth four weeks

Nearly a third of the way through this year-long project; doesn’t the year seem to go fast when its measured in quilt blocks! Its been another period of catching-up for these four weeks with it falling during the school Easter break and a holiday for us. I did debate using the average temperature from duringContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the fourth four weeks”

Temperature Quilt: the third four weeks

This month I had a serious tidy up in my sewing cupboard. It didn’t take all month (!), just an afternoon really, I’m not that slow and the cupboard isn’t that big! But I’m feeling even more organised now…it was a bit like having a crafting spring clean. I got rid of loads of ribbonContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the third four weeks”

Hannah Hand Makes: cross stitch for everyone

Hannah Hand Makes describe themselves as “the home of modern, fun and easy cross stitch kits” and show to anyone out there that thinks cross stitch is an old fashioned craft that you are, to be frank, wrong! Cross stitch is back…if, indeed, it ever really went anywhere. My mum used to cross stitch butContinue reading “Hannah Hand Makes: cross stitch for everyone”

Temperature Quilt: the second four weeks

I feel like I have been playing a little bit of catch-up this month with the Temperature Quilt, school half-term in the middle really threw off my schedule…I need to get sorted before Easter and Summer! But as I keep saying, the beauty of this project is that its such a small and manageable chunkContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the second four weeks”

Caboodle Textiles: just another online fabric shop?

Remember when I reviewed the fabulous Caboodle Kids last year? I was a brand rep for them for a few months and you can read all about how fantastic their handmade kids clothes are here. But did you know that they also run the online fabric shop Caboodle Textiles? If you didn’t, you need toContinue reading “Caboodle Textiles: just another online fabric shop?”

Instagram: it just isn’t true and I’m OK with that

Picture the scene…I’m sitting at last month’s WI committee meeting (have I mentioned I’m in the WI before? Up until last night I was the Secretary of one of my local WI branches but I was voted in as President last night. Exciting!)…anyway I’m at the committee meeting getting my laptop and notebook out andContinue reading “Instagram: it just isn’t true and I’m OK with that”

Temperature Quilt: the first four weeks

I know its my project but I’m going to say it anyway…so far I am loving working on the Temperature Quilt. Yes its going to take a whole year to finish but one block a week is such a nice, manageable amount, especially when you have a sewing “To Do” list as long as your armContinue reading “Temperature Quilt: the first four weeks”