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Hello I’m Amy. Lover of all things handmade; fuelled by coffee. Blogger, clothes sewer, quilt enthusiast, Mummy. I spend my days drinking coffee, making things & playing, and I am the face behind “Coffee Rings and Making Things”.

Join me in following the highs and lows of family life with my two boys (husband Chris and our son Fletcher), as I try to find my way as a stay at home mum with my only baby starting school…what will I do with all this spare time? I have never been a very good housewife; instead of being a homemaker, I’m better at making things at home.

For three years I ran handmade children’s clothing business Little Bear Bots and spent many a happy hour at my sewing machine creating custom cloth nappies, beautiful dresses and stylish clothes. But as Fletcher embarks on a new stage in his life starting primary school, I decided it was time for a change for me too. Lovely as it was to fill the wardrobes of my customers’ babies, it left very little time to make for my family.

I’ll be spending my time, and reporting back to you of course, on all aspects of life with a new schoolboy including what I’m going to get up to when he is at school. I’ll always want to make clothes for me and Fletcher, and I love testing new patterns and fabric. But I would also like to take some time to sew for the house. I’ve got the fabric, boy have I got the fabric, but now I need to actually make things. I am good at sewing but there is always so much more to learn so I’ll be working on getting better at quilting and other similar sewing techniques and I’ll hoping to have time for some formal learning too. I’ve always had a passion for photography and this is somethings else I would like to explore further, perhaps I might dare to put the camera into manual mode. And playing. We love to play and explore! Sounds obvious but we do. And all sorts of play including making and creating our own things, days out and places we visit. As a family we are drawn to independent outlets, perhaps driven by my love of anything handmade and unique, so I will strive to support our beloved indies, whether they be local, found on our travels or online.

So this is me; wife and mummy, lover of all things handmade and fuelled by coffee.

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