Digital Courses

I feel passionately about guiding beginners so they can get off that “beginner” rung of the patchwork ladder sooner; I didn’t have that when I first started (I had a sort of wing it and see attitude) but I would have loved the extra help and my hope is that other beginners would love it too.

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Get the measure of your quilting rulers and learn how to use them with confidence and accuracy.

With The Ruler Rules you can say goodbye to wasted fabric, wonky cutting lines and uneven patchwork projects. You’ll learn the best techniques for how, where and why to cut, plus develop a greater understanding of all the different ways you can use a quilting ruler and get the full potential from these extremely versatile patchwork tools.

Create spot-on patchwork seams with precision and confidence.

With Seams Perfect there’s no need for mis-match seams and uneven quilt blocks. You’ll learn how to sew, press and match your patchwork seams in just a few hours.

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